Metasonix TM-2 Vacuum-Tube Bandpass Filter and VCA


  • Input Level
  • Filter Resonance
  • Filter Manual Tune
  • Filter Modulation


  • Audio Input
  • Audio Output
  • Filter CV
  • VCA CV



Our TM-2 consists of two twin-t bandpass filters in parallel. Unlike any other such filter on the market, these filters use vacuum-tube pentodes. NO semiconductors. NO transistors. Thus, NONE of that thin, scratchy, transistory sound. These two filters have their resonant frequencies spaced 2 octaves apart--one filters the all-important midrange, the other filters bass. They are voltage-control-tuned with a custom-made "Vactrol" type matched-pair dual optocoupler. The resulting sound is GIGANTIC.

Resonance or "sharpness" for the filters is adjustable. The filter outputs pass through an additional pentode which may be used as a VCA for electronic-music effects. (TM-2 may be used purely as a tube VCA by turning down the filter resonance.) Output signal is buffered, so it can drive any line-level input.

Use it as a stand-alone effects box, or mount it in your analog modular synth using our TM-M or TM-D kits. All our TM modules integrate perfectly with other synthesizer modules.

The TM-2 won the 2003 Electronic Musician editor's-choice award.


  • NoiseGuide (Metasonix Vacuum-Tube Bandpass Filter / VCA TM-2)

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