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This Pedal is so cool it’s hard to describe... It’s like steroids for you guitar. This crazy pedal can provide crispy open cleans to crunchy overdrive tones and it captures so many wonderful sounds... get tiny sounds or big open tones or extreme mids if desired.

Flipping the switch kicks in some gritty growl and using the pre-contour shapes tone by tying into a cap for thinning out the single coming in. Great twangy country sounds. Turn your hum-buckers into single-coil-like tones... Put your tele over the edge...

The powerful 3 band EQ makes tone shaping endless...

Input control determines how much and how hard you want to slam the circuit. You can push it hard for some compression and a very cool punch pop effect can be achieved, (in the Clean mode) it sounds cool for country picking...

The Out Put controls is your master out volume just like an amp with a volume and master. Pro Country has a very open sound with a natural feel, its wonderful with your guitar controls and the pick  attack is sweet (touch sensitive).

Your guitar volume interacts beautify, great for blues, Rock, rockabilly, or over the top country stuff ... You can get lost in this one... Very fun pedal...

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