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A few guitar shows back I met Matt from Martins Six String Customs MSSC and he purchased a Bomb Shell pedal from me... long story short Matt let Johnny check it out and soon after that Johnny and Matt called me to let me know Johnny had commandeered Matts pedal... Johnny had some ideas and we tossed around some prototypes and before we know it we were designing one amazing custom pedal for Johnny.

We are now proud to bring you the JH-3 Johnny Hiland distortion pedal, This pedal will soon be one of your favorite pedals on your board...

JH-3 Sports a very powerful active 3 Band EQ that brings tone shaping a whole new meaning. Our unique distortion design provides a real amp sound and feel like no other pedal on the market. JH-3 takes your tone from wonderful overdrives with single coils to face melting over the top aggressive high-gain. Should you be in that mood... This pedal also features our proprietary noise reduction for the high-gain player. One versatile tool for your arsenal that you didn't know you needed.... This pedal is great for all music styles and you will soon see it covers pretty much all your distortion needs...

Like all our pedals, the JH-3 is point to point construction and made in the USA.

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