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Metal Pedals

This Pedal features two modes of operation:

  • 1st is the booster which lets you pump volume for slamming that preamp. Nice loud clean signal. turn up the drive and get into so crazy distortion with cool harmonic overtones... cool effect
  • 2nd is the distortion mode which take you from a light crunch to a hot saturated distortion with a touch of fuzz, rich in harmonics

This pedal has a diode selection from silicon (lower distortion louder vintage sound) or germanium (scooped less output but more distortion) giving you a different flavors in tone...

  • True Bypass foot switch
  • Metal knobs
  • Point to point custom circuit boards
  • Hammond enclosure
  • Aluminum Knobs
  • 22gauge wire
  • Switchcraft jacks...

This pedal is the same circuit as our Screaming Whore II

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