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Killer Distortion! Hi Cut tone control and a selection silicon / germanium diodes are standard. Added features are Extra Disrtortion (fatter saturated high gain distortion) with optional switch knob or footswitch (switch between crunch and leads via footswitch). Dual outputs (bypass clean and effect out ) for using 2 channel amps is another option.

How it functions...

  • First is our BOOSTER function, which increases your total signal output and produces a nice punchy clean sound for breaking up that amp with your Drive set low to halfway, or crank up your Drive to a heavy insane level of saturated distortion, enriched with harmonic overtones.
    Not like anything you have heard before.
  • Second is our DISTORTION function, which will take you from a light crunchy rhythm to a heavier distortion via drive knob. Select Vint and Mod...Germanium diodes give more distortion with less volume and have a slight midrange scoop to them (Modern sounding). Silicon have a more open sound with more volume but with less distortion produced (Vintage sounding).

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