Metal Pedals


    Metal Pedals is run by two brothers: Dave and Mike Pantaleone. They are based in Mercer County, New Jersey, USA.
    Dave runs the business end of things and Mike is the master circuit designer.

    Timeline (by Dave Pantaleone)

    January of 2006 we started on the bench in the garage with a bunch of components ordered from the web to experiment with and by april we had our first design. We built 3 prototypes and on the my evening of my wedding anniversary I went to the local music store to show them to my friend Brian and sold all three in about 10 minutes. One sold to Brian, one to later good friend and great customer John Spodoric and the last one to Mark Gervasio, another great friend and customer.

    Mark had become a very important part of the shaping of our company, he is an avid collector and guru of all things important. That was a pinnacle moment for me because at that moment I knew we could do so much more and we had a product... We are still just the two of us in a garage and we kinda like it like that. Mike is a big quality control kinda guy.

    The next big moment for us were the two most recent reviews that hit the stands: the Bomb Shell pedal in Vintage Guitar Magazine (Sean O'Bryan Smith) and later the Hard Core XXX Distortion review in Premier Guitar Magazine (Jordan Wagner). This gave us real credibility.

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