Menatone Workingman's Blue



Menatone (2005)

There was a time when the British and American sounds were almost one and the same. The Workingman's Blue is a sonic recreation of the venerable JTM 45. Rich deep bass and a round clear top end define this incredibly rich, dynamic overdrive machine.

Menatone (2006-2008)

The Workingman's Blue debuted in early 2001 as a response to many guitar players who wanted an old school british sound. Based on The Famous JTM 45 "Bluesbreaker" circuit it provides some of the thickest, chewiest overdrive you could imagine. Since it is based on the entire JTM 45 sircuit, it does both the clean and the distorted sounds of the amp. And, with its foot-swichable boost, you can now set up that elusive amp on the edge of breakup rhythm tone and the kick in the boost for your fat searing lead lines.


  • All Analog Circuit
  • Ultra Bright LED
  • Easy Access Battery
  • True Bypass Switching
  • External Power Supply Jack(- Center, + Ring)
  • Silver Plated, Teflon Coated Wire
  • Shield Wire From Input and Output Jacks to Switch
  • Only Carbon Resistors and Film Capacitors Used in Signal Path

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