Menatone Shut Up and Drive



Menatone is proud to announce the Shut Up & Drive. This pedal has been an attempt to bridge the void between overdrive and distortion.

Capable of the slightest amount of hair to full, tight, wall of sound chunk, this might be the most versatile pedal Menatone has yet produced. The Shut Up & Drive's subtle yet extremely effective controls are the key to it versatility. First up, the GAIN, set low can give up chimey voxy compression, at mid way, you start entering British crunch and at full steam this baby will chunk out tight power chords and sing lead lines with authority. This is all possible in conjunction with the unique RESO control which allows you to fine tune the overall bass response from tight to loose or anywhere inbetween. The TONE then rolls off treble after the distortion thus never effecting the overall gain of the pedal. With all of its tonal possibilities, this amazing little pedal might just be the pedal that makes you stop talking about your tone and start playing it.


  • completely analog circuit
  • Point to Point construction
  • True Bypass switching
  • DC power jack: - center, + ring
  • silver plated wire
  • only carbon resistors and film caps in the signal path

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