Menatone Red Snapper



  • Gain
  • Bite
  • Vol
  • Cut (on 4 knob versions)


Menatone (2005)

The Red Snapper is the finest transparent overdrive made today. Not just a clean Boost, it is also capable of saturation leves the same as vintage amplifiers. Deceptively simple tone controls allow for shaing pick attack without changing the tone of your particular guitar and amp.


  • All analog circuit
  • Ultra bright LED
  • Easy access battery
  • True bypass switching
  • External power supply jack (- center, + ring)
  • Silver plated, teflon coated wire
  • Shielded wire from input to output jacks to switch
  • Only carbon resistors and film capacitors used in signal path

Menatone (2009)

The Red Snapper is the original Menatone pedal. It debuted in 1996 to fill the need for a very open and uncompressed overdrive. The circuit has remained essentially unchanged except for the addition of the "hi cut" control, which allows for complete control of the treble response after the overdrive. The unique design of this control allows it to be taken completely out of the circuit when turned fully counter clockwise, thus making the circuit identical to the original three knob version. The Red Snapper can produce anything from a clean boost to enough drive to make any amp sing. Its overdrive character was painstakingly designed to keep your amp and guitar's illustrious tone perfectly in tact.

Menatone (2000)

One of the best overdrives on the market if not the best. If you are a fan of the 808 Tube Screamers, you will just love this.

Menatone (2004)

The Red Snapper was designed as the ultimate transparent overdrive. Capable of totally clean boosts, to saturation levels of vintage amplifiers the Red Snapper is in a class by itself.

The Snapper's tone controls are deceptively simple consisting of bite and cut controls.

The bite is a presence knob which adds gain in the upper, "pick attack" regions. The cut is a high frequency filter.

These two controls allow you to not only tailor the tone, but also the type and feel of distortion produced by the Red Snapper

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