Menatone Pleasure Trem 5000



Menatone (2006)

The Menatone Pleasure Trem 5000 Tremolo Pedal owes its sound more to an organ or synthesizer than to a vintage amp. The Wave Knob takes the pulse from ultra smooth triangle to stuttering square. The Speed goes from swampy to slow to almost ring modulation fast. The Depth Control provides enough range for subtle 3D effects to full on and off chop. Most importantly, the Menatone Pleasure Trem 5000 is designed not to change the tone of your instrument or boost the signal. The yellow LED constantly flashes to let you know where the speed is set at all times.


  • All Analog Circuitry
  • Ultra Bright LED
  • Easy Access Battery
  • True Bypass Switching
  • External Power Supply Jack (-Center, +Ring)
  • Silver Plated, Teflon Coated Wire
  • Shielded Wire from Input and Output Jacks to Switch
  • Only Carbon Resistors and Film Capacitors Used in Signal Path

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