Menatone Mail Bomb - Envelope Filter



  • Attack
    Controls the attack of the filter envelope.
  • Filter
  • Depth
    Controls the amplitude of the filter envelope.


Menatone (2009)

The Menatone Mail Bomb just might be the funkiest, quackiest, liquidy cool envelope filter ever created. While it works wonders on bass it was designed specifically for guitar to produce some of the most disco-y, porno-jazzy tones around.


  • All analog circuit
  • Ultra bright LED
  • Easy access battery
  • True bypass switching
  • External power supply jack (- center, + ring)
  • Silver plated, teflon coated wire
  • Shielded wire from input to output jacks to switch
  • Only carbon resistors and film capacitors used in signal path

Menatone (2000)

Has a very wet, funky tone like no other envelope filter pedal. This is a pure enevelope filter.

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