Menatone King of the Britains



  • Gain
  • Power Gain (on 6 knob version)
  • Boost (on 7 knob version)
  • Pres (on 7 knob version)
  • Bass
  • Mid (on versions with 5 or more knobs)
  • Treble
  • Master
  • Britain (On/Off)
  • Boost (On/Off) (on 7 knob version)


Menatone (2007)

The King Of The Britains is based on a 1968 Plexi circuit. This was the last of the plexi panels. The '67-'68 transition years had a tighter low end but without the ice pick in the ear of the later metal panel amps.

The voice switch mimics the different responses of the two channels of those amps.

  • Voice 1 is like the bass channel
  • Voice 2 is like the lead channel
  • Voice 3 is in between where the original KOB was voiced.
  • The Boost is a clean boost usable with or without the amp simulation circuit and can take the King in huge levels of distortion.


    • All analog circuit
    • Ultra bright LED
    • Easy access battery
    • True bypass switching
    • External power supply jack (- center, + ring)
    • Silver plated, teflon coated wire
    • Shielded wire from input to output jacks to switch
    • Only carbon resistors and film capacitors used in signal path
    • Foot switchable boost from unity to approx.12dB
    • Box dimensions 4"x4.5"x1.5"

    Menatone (2005)

    The King of the Britains is the ultimate amp simulator. Its new power gain control works with the gain control to produce anything from vintage Plexi to full tilt modern distortion. The Plexi EQ ensures British crunch at every turn.

    Menatone (2000)

    Sounds like what you would expect from its name. Its like plugging into a Marshall Plexi on 10. How is that to start.



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