Menatone Howie



  • Bass
  • Mid
  • Treble
  • EQ (80's/90's) (on 7 knob version)
  • Vol
  • OD Level (on 7 knob version, Boost on 6 knob version?)
  • OD Drive (on 7 knob version)
  • Gain
  • On/Off
  • Drive (on 7 knob version)
  • Boost (on 6 knob version)


Menatone (2006)

The howie is based on the famed Dumble overdrive special. The new channel swtiching feature now takes you from SRV to Mr. Ford to MR. Carlton. The distortion of the Howie is incredibly detailed and smooth, great for fusion and blues.


  • Point to point wiring
  • True bypass switching
  • LED indicator
  • Aluminium knobs
  • All analog circuitry

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