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Did i mention FAT?

That might be the best word to describe the Menatone Blue Collar. Absolutely brilliant on a Strat is another way I've heard. Creamy and syrupy with greasy overtones is a third.

This was my second production pedal. I launched it in January of 1997 as the other side of the coin to the open sounding Red Snapper.

The Blue Collar is a compressed, mid hump, singing bluesy overdrive that just seems to sit in the mix without any fuss. Its presence control lets you dial in just the right amount of "pick attack" so that you can sound thick as molasses but still cut through. Did I mention the Blue Collar is absolutely brilliant with a Strat?

Menatone (2006-2008)

"It's a good thing this pedal has a graphic of the “Fat Guy” because this is a FAT sounding pedal!! It's everything it used to be and more. The BC has plenty of gain, but always has a nice clarity to it. The slight mid bump is right where you would want it. No TS MID honk here folks. The tone control has been modified to work over the entire range of the pot, instead of being bunched at the ends. I find the BC to be a great heavy blues and rock pedal. It works great for getting the warren Haynes sound i love."

Quoted from a review by headshot on the musictoyz forums.


  • All analog circuit
  • Ultra bright LED
  • Easy access battery
  • True bypass switching
  • External power supply jack (- center, + ring)
  • Silver plated, teflon coated wire
  • Shielded wire from input to output jacks to switch
  • Only carbon resistors and film capacitors used in signal path

Menatone (2000)

The pedal that put Menatone on the map in the pedal world. If you always wanted a Tube Screamer with more balls this is it. Sounds like the Red Snapper but with more gusto.

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