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The M.D. Effects Timber is a dirt pedal that offers a completely new "gain stage" style approach, which adds a large new range of tones to create. The Drive and Volume circuits each have their own unique toggle, which switches between two different gain and boost styles. Designed from the ground up, The Timber is a totally new overdrive experience.


With our new design comes a large variety of beautiful drive tones, and many new sounds to explore. With the different clipping modes on the gain toggle, and the volume tone changes with the boost toggle, The Timber can go from soft smooth overdrive, to hard and heavy. The unique circuitry and design set it apart from all the rest, making it an overdrive that is truly different from the rest.


  • VOLUME: The Volume control adjusts the overall boost and volume level of the pedal. The tone of this control changes with the Boost toggle.
  • DRIVE: The Drive knob adjusts the distortion level of the pedal. The tone of this control changes greatly in tone with the Gain toggle.
  • BOOST: The Boost toggle switches between two different volume levels, and different tone styles.
  • GAIN: The Gain toggle switches between two different diode clipping methods. Up is a harsher, brighter clipping style, and down is a bigger, rounder mode.

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