M.D. Effects Moondust - Stereo Reverb


M.D. Effects


The Moondust features auto summing stereo inputs and outputs, which allows you to take your reverb tones further. Sink into the 360-degree soundscapes, and take reverb ambience to a whole new level.


With four highly versatile knobs, you have the ultimate control over how you want your reverb. The vast array of controls and features allows you to have the ultimate creativity in creating soundscapes.


  • MIX: Controls the reverb mix. All the way left is none.
  • EXPANSE: Controls the density of the reverb. Adds some heaviness to the reverb.
  • REFLECTION: Controls how much the reverb reflects into itself. Adds more color, and more reverb time, and can begin to oscillate.
  • BRILLIANCE: Controls the brightness of the pedals tone. Can be used to add darkness or make it more brilliant.

This pedal accepts standard 9V DC negative power and consumes less than 100mA. Attempting to power the pedal with any other power source than recommended by the manufacturer voids your warranty.

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