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The Gnomeratron VTF is a multi-stage fuzz pedal with tons of control, a clean blend, and a unique octave-up sound. The fuzz section has the typical volume, tone, and gain controls, but also a gate control to control the noise (and sometimes create gated fuzz tones), versatile clipping options, and a filter switch to change the function of the tone control.

The two diode switches change out clipping diodes in the two cascading clipping stages. To the right, lighter clipping. To the left, harder clipping. In the middle, there's no diode clipping at all, but with less diode clipping you get more volume to slam whatever comes next in the circuit. It's all very interactive.

The octave switch engages an octave-up circuit that sits between the two clipping stages.

The filter switch gives 3 tone control modes. To the right, it's a typical scooped one-knob tone control. To the left, it's much closer to flat. In the middle, the tone control just rolls off highs-- it's also quite a bit louder when all the way up.

The clean(ish) blend has volume and tone controls. The tone control just rolls off the high end. Newer pedals will roll off highs to the point all that's left is low end.

Magic mode (magic switch to the left) uses the clean blend as a booster at the input of the fuzz circuit. Great for guitar players that don't really need a clean blend.

There are 4 small trimmers on the side of the pedal. These are gain controls for various stages of the circuit. From top to bottom: Output, Clipping 1, Clipping 2, Clean(ish). More gain results in more volume and distortion-- most noticeable in the the clean blend.

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