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The McPherson White Fuzz, is an extremely versatile, smooth Fuzz that caters for both vintage and modern Fuzz lovers.

It's unique design allows you to go from a light overdrive, through to over the top fire breathing fuzz, with great sustain and harmonics. The White Fuzz has a warm natural tone, and very tube like characteristics.


  • Fuzz : Controls the amount of Fuzz saturation you require.
  • Sizzle : This unique tone control tames only the highest freq's. Without altering the remaining signal.
  • Vol : Controls the output volume of which there is plenty.
  • The centre switch engages the Phat channel. This second channel is voiced for a thicker creamier 200 lb violin style sound. This channel works great for fattening single coil equipped guitars and turns humbuckers into a huge wall of thick creamy fuzz.

Pedal Features:

  • Quality Switchcraft/Neutrik Jacks
  • Full handmade point to point wired all analog circuity
  • True Bypass electro Harmonics heavy duty switch· with pop reduction circuit
  • Alpha Pots
  • Pure White LED
  • Rugged Canadian made Aluminium cast enclosure
  • Standard 3 Year warranty (conditions apply)
  • Hand crafted right here in New Zealand

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