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The McPherson Antique Overdrive has been developed to achieve an extremely natural, versatile overdrive that offers a creamy smooth tube tone from a clean boost, through to a rich vintage overdrive.

The Antique Overdrive has been designed to act like an extra channel on your amp. Working in naturally with your current setup, to achieve a very transparent and organic break up that is sweet and toneful.

The left footswitch engages the pedal, while the right footswitch engages the boost. This boost utilises our ultra transparent Black Boost circuitry, ensuring your solo's will be heard with sublime punch and clarity. In addition to this, when the boost is engaged, the front panel drive control is turned off and the rear panel boost drive control is simultaneously turned on. This means you can have a completely independent drive setting for the boost, letting you have more or less drive saturation when engaging the boost.

The upper left switch selects between two separately voiced channels. The first channel (switch raised) is voiced for lower gain tones, it is organic, warm and very responsive to playing dynamics. The second channel (switch lowered) punches up the gain range and is voiced a little tighter for driving rhythms or sustaining solos. In addition when the second channel is pushed hard the distortion will 'sag' a little (naturally compress) like a vintage tube amplifier.

One of the secrets to creating the distinctive McPherson Antique Overdrive's natural tube tone, is the addition of a Mojo Vitamin T mineral oil hermetically sealed capacitor, used in the tone circuitry. This gives a very elegant treble roll off, making it easy to dial in the sound you require.

The Antique Overdrive is an excellent choice for the musician who would like to expand their current tone palette, while retaining your own unique musical signature.

  • Quality Switchcraft/Neutrik Jacks
  • Full handmade point to point wired all analog circuity
  • True Bypass electro Harmonics heavy duty switch· with pop reduction circuit
  • Alpha Pots
  • Super bright Red and Orange LED indicators
  • Rugged Canadian made Aluminium cast enclosure
  • Standard 3 Year warranty (conditions apply)
  • Handcrafted to the highest standard in New Zealand

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