McPherson BKB08 Black Boost


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The McPherson Black Boost is an ultra transparent class A mofet based booster.

The Black Boost delivers up to 20db + of warm natural boost to drive the front end of your amp or just give you a bump up in the mix when soloing. Have a quick easy way to adjust volume levels between two different guitars or just leave it on to drive the signal through long cables, or a lot of other effect , retaining your guitars original tone all the way to your amp.

The Black Boost also excels when used with acoustic instruments, providing a natural boost with striking clarity and warmth.

The optional McPherson Modifications Street Mod adds a light emitting panel between the base plate and pedal to give a neon blue glow around the unit when plugged in. This is an extra $45NZD on top of the sale price.

Pedal Features:

  • Switchcraft Jacks
  • True Bypass electro Harmonics heavy duty switch
  • Up to 20 + db of clean boost
  • Alpha Pot
  • Full handmade point to point wired all analog circuity
  • Class A Mosfet design
  • Blue LED
  • Rugged Canadian made Aluminium cast enclosure
  • 3 Year warranty (conditions apply)
  • Handcrafted to the highest standard in New Zealand

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