McNeece pedals are built by John McNeece in Athens, Georgia, USA.

    Timeline (by John McNeece)

    • 1977: Moved w/ family to Tallahassee FL.
    • Early 80s: Heard the Big Brother LP, guitar solo on "Combination of the 2" made me inquire about fuzz
    • Early 90s: Fellow nerd and artist Pete Erickson gave me some schematics, Big Muff, Tone Machine, etc.
    • 1999: D-I-V-O-R-C-E. Tore apart amps in living room, fixed stuff for friends, got a job at a music store.
    • 2000-something: Music store closed. Started working at Class A Electronics building Diabolical Devices and fixing gear. Started working some with Joel at Matamp USA (/Electric Amp Innovations)
    • August 2008: Met the love of my life
    • May 2011: Moved with her to Athens GA and started McNeece Music, a repair shop & used music store. No employees.

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