Steve McKinley Electronics


    Hottie Mods by Steve McKinley has changed its name to Steve McKinley Electronics as it gears up to release its own custom pedals. Various cutting edge pedals are in the works and will be unveiled as each is ready.

    Steve McKinley Electronics is run by Steve McKinley in Smyrna, GA, USA.

    Timeline (by Steve McKinley)

    There have been a number of achievements, milestones and what I call mental trophies but some I look back on are:

    • when I built my first pedals, which was circa '91 and was a passive tone control
    • mistakenly sending 450 volts through one of my pedals, which sounded stunning for a beautiful nanosecond
    • the creation of the Flexi-Quad, which is one of my prouder achievements.
    The funny thing about using the kitchen table to build gear is that you never stop using it for sometime.

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