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MBS about the Super Booster v2

It's a +-20dB linear Booster / line driver with three modes: Flat, Bright and Fat. The Super Booster is super transparent and with a lot of headroom (can be used with 18V DC to max headroom). The Flat mode ensures you maximum transparency. The Fat mode brings up the subharmonic content and gives you fat low end response without any muddiness, ideal for skinny bottomed Guitars. The Bright mode acts as a treble Booster so you can clean up your bottom end and push your amp or distortion further. The Super Booster acts as a Booster but also can lower your guitar's volume down to zero without any frequency loss. As it proved high input impedance, lots of clean headroom and flat frequency response can be used as Line Driver, isolating your guitar from long cables and long pedal lines. As all our pedals the Super Booster is True Bypass and built with top quality components as Alpha pots and switches, Neutrik jacks, all PCB mounted to ensure minimum noise and extended life time.

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