MBS Stone Cutter - High Gain Distortion



MBS Effects releases the Stonecutter High Gain Distortion.

Buenos Aires, Argentina – March 22, 2014 – The Stonecutter is a modern voiced high gain distortion with an active 3-band EQ. It's fierce, aggressive with instantaneous attack but very controllable and dynamic. The Three band EQ let you tailor almost any sound, does it all with extraordinary clarity, note separation and touch sensitivity. The Bass control is specially designed to not compromise the attack, crank it up and you'll still get that intense string pick. With the Mids control you can heavy scoop your sound or make that in-you-face sound thanks to it's 25dB cut/boost capability. Can be powered with 18VDC for extra tightness. As all the MBS pedals it's built with top quality components and True Bypass switching system with stage-ready status LED, preserving your guitar's tone when it's not engaged.

Special features:

  • Modern style high gain distortion.
  • 3-Band active EQ with 25dB cut/boost capability.
  • True Bypass switching with stage ready LED.
  • 9VDC to 18VDC operation.

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