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MBS about the HummingVerb v2

Digital reverb with three modes: Classic, Hall and Shimmer, two external controls: Blend and Decay and two internal controls: output volume and input trim. The Classic mode provides an non invasive reverb with fair amount of decay, it’s ideal to leave it on all the time. The Hall mode it’s a more complex, dense and modulated reverb with tons of decay (can be infinite with the decay control maxed) so you can do drones and pads with it. The Shimmer mode adds regenerated up octaves with no limits!, between the decay control and your playing dynamics you can control how much of the octaves are generated. All the modes are extremely lush and dynamic, your playing can control the depth of the reverb, giving you maximum expression. As all our pedals the HummingVerb is True Bypass and built with top quality components as Alpha pots and switches, Neutrik jacks, all PCB mounted to ensure minimum noise and extended life time.



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