MBS British Drive - Tube Emulation Distortion


The British Drive it's an organic amp-like mid gain distortion. It's Tube Emulation circuitry gives lots of dynamics, rolling off your guitar's volume, the British Drive takes you from a touch responsive crunch up to heavy distortion for riffs and solos. The Contour knob tweaks the mid frequencies, giving you what is needed to cut through the mix. Also has two internal controls: TBC (Treble Bleed Compensation) interacts with the Gain knob. As you lower the gain, chimey highs came out delivering sparkling crunch tones. BRS (Bass Response) allows you to control the amount of bass entering the circuit for maximum definition and bottom end. As all the MBS pedals it's built with top quality components and True Bypass switching system with stage-ready status LED, preserving your guitar's tone when it's not engaged.

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