Mazzette is run by Nico "Mazzette". The company is located in Montpellier, South of France.

    Timeline (by Arbre "Payday")

    • June 2007: Nico was bored in the enterprise we were working for and started disassembling pedals
    • 2008: the first boosters are already in our bands practice room
    • January 2009: first Lowerdrive sold
    • June 2009: The José Phuzz was born!
    • September 2010: company founded
    • June 2011: move from the apartment to the Subsonic (associative place with rehearsal rooms, recording studio, photo lab, silkscreen workshop...)
    • December 2011: Arbre is now working almost full time for Mazzette
    • March 2012: The Testicular official release.

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