Mazzaccherini Little Rocket - Pentode Tube Boost


Little Rocket Tube Boost

Little Rocket is a booster tube pedal that uses a subminiature NOS (New Old Stock) pentode which was used in the Russian military equipment. It is characterized by high reliability and durability. The pedal is a clean boost, it does not distort the signal, but it is able to saturate the input stage of an amplifier.

The pedal is characterized by a great character and it significantly increase the volume of the guitar enriching the sound of harmonics. The timbre is largely due to the use of a pentode which has a superior sound performance compared to a triode.

The pedal is powered by a low voltage external power supply of +9 Vdc (initially the power supply was chosen to +12 Vdc,, then I changed it to +9 Vdc), but internally the pedal has a dedicated circuit for the conversion of the external voltage to high voltage (200Vdc), for the anode power supply of the valve.

Another section of the circuit adjusts the tension of the tube filament to 6.3Vdc as in the classic ECC83 (12AX7).

A third type of digital circuit controls the power-up sequence of the boost valve: when the pedal is fed, in the first 25 seconds, the LED will flash and during this period only the tube filament is powered and the pedal stays in true bypass, after the heating phase for the filament of the valve also the high voltage to the anode is provided. In practice, this solution allows for the stand-by mode of classic tube amps, but in an automatic way.

The power supply input of the pedal is protected: for lower voltages and higher than 7.5VDC to 12.6VDC pedal will not turn on, thus avoiding damage to the internal circuitry. The protection works even for negative voltages.

The pedal has a switching system that minimizes the click silent due to the switching of the relay.

Features of the Little Rocket Tube Boost

  • Clean Boost tube pedal with military pentode NOS (New Old Stock) valve powered at high anode voltage (200Vdc) 
  • +9 Vdc external power supply 
  • Innovative system of automatic stand-by 
  • True bypass 
  • The switching is performed by a relay, not directly to the switch 
  • Silent switching system 
  • Switchcraft Connectors 
  • Carbon film resistors and capacitors for long-lasting sound 
  • Aluminium container Hammond Manufacturing

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