Maxon SE-600 Final Echo


Sound City USA (eBay seller)

'70's Vintage Maxon / Evans Final Echo Model SE600 Tape Delay Made in Japan. I acquired this unique piece of gear back in the mid '70's when I worked for Ibanez. Each month we would receive new gear from Japan for us to evaluate. After an evaluation employees would be able to purchase the item. I got a couple unique items that way. Ibanez never picked up on the tape driven Final Echo, I think because they were working on an all-electronic analog delay at the time and were close to putting one out.

This unit overall is in good shape. It was mainly used in a studio. There are two jacks that were added to the rear of the unit that are paralleled with two (in/out) jacks on the front panel just so there were no cables sticking out of the front for a cleaner look. The unit works pretty good. I hooked it up recently after having been idle for a number of years. There seems to be a little more flutter than I remembered, but then again my ear has gotten used to clean (maybe too clean) digital delays. Of course some of that imperfection adds to the unique sound especially on short delays. I just put a new tape in the unit and that made a improvement. Heads have been cleaned and demagnetized. What's cool about this is that you can make your own tape loop. I will include a supply of tape (Scotch 206 is what works the best) so you can make one if desired. Of course you will need a splicing block and tape to connect the two pieces. 

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