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One of the rarest and most desirable pedals in the original 9-Series lineup, the Maxon-made Ibanez ST-9 Super Tube Screamer was coveted for its ability to control the pedal's “midrange hump” via the Mid Boost control. A perfect candidate for reissue, Maxon has taken the original ST-9 concept and added a few new tricks that make it even more versatile and desirable: The result is the Maxon ST-9 Pro+ Super Tube.

Based around Maxon's classic “808” overdrive circuit, the Super Tube can create powerful, fat guitar tones that rival the greatest tube amp. The ST-9 Pro+ features the following controls:

  • Level - Determines overall output level of pedal
  • Drive - Controls amount of distortion
  • Tone - A Hi-cut/Hi-boost tone circuit that controls hi-frequency range of signal.
  • Mid Enhance - Controls midrange boost frequency

The ST-9 Pro+ also features a new Classic/Low-Boost Mode switch. This switch selects between two different sets of clipping diodes for more tube-like distortion characteristics. In addition, the “Low Boost” setting also boosts Low (+12dB at 100Hz) and Mid (+4dB at 500Hz) frequency ranges, making it ideal to “thicken up” the sound of single coil pickups or generally beef up your lows for a fatter sound.

The Super Tube Also offers switchable 9- or 18-volt operation. In Classic 9-volt, the ST-9 runs at the incoming supply voltage, greatly extending battery life. When switched to Stabilized 18-volt setting, Maxon's proprietary DC-DC voltage doubler circuit increases the headroom, frequency range, and dynamic response of the ST-9. Stabilized operation is recommended for musicians who use external DC power supplies.

With the ST-9's controls and voltage options an almost unlimited variety of overdriven tones can be dialed in. Whether you play Blues, Rock or Metal, the ST-9 Pro+ Super Tube offers a plethora of tube-like tones in a flexible, compact package.

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