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The first law of marketing - the surest way to increase demand for a product is to discontinue it. Sounds crazy - we know. Yet over the years we've found that nothing sparks consumer interest in a product more than taking it off the market.

Case in point is the Maxon CS505 Stereo Chorus. When we first released the CS505 back in ‘99, many customers balked at the $180 price. However, shortly after Panasonic stopped production of their MN3207 Bucket Brigade IC, demand for the CS505 and other analog time delays went into overdrive and these models became highly sought after regardless of price.

By early ‘03 Maxon had discontinued the CS505 in favor of the more feature-laden CS-9 Pro. Yet the seeds had already been sown, and a reputation of almost mythical proportions soon surrounded the now-defunct ‘505 and its shimmering, 3-dimensional chorus effect.

In an effort to please the masses, Maxon has decided to resurrect the CS505, albeit with some improved features that make it even more desirable than before. Housed in Maxon's industry-standard 9-Series chassis, the PAC-9 Pure Analog Chorus takes the core design of the CS505 and brings it into the 21st century. The PAC-9 Features the same basic Speed and Depth controls as the CS505, but the PAC-9's oscillator has been modified with a wider adjustable rate of 0.33Hz - 8Hz. Slow and wide spatial effects as well as rotary speaker simulations are now available that were impossible with the original '505.

The PAC-9 also features Pure and Bright mini-switches that allow further enhancement of the unit's tone. When engaged, the Pure switch mixes even levels of delayed and dry signals, creating pure chorus based on the standard chorus theory. When the Pure Switch is off, the level of the delayed signal only is increased by 4dB and then mixed with dry signal, creating a very unique, tremolo-like chorus.

When the Bright switch is engaged, the normally harsh and muddy low-frequency range of the chorus effect is decreased, creating a brighter, more defined sound. When the Bright switch is off, the standard flat chorus sound is available. Subtle yet sublime, the options available from the various combinations of these switches yield an impressive array of new, inspirational sounds.

Under the hood, the PAC-9 has been further re-worked for improved performance. Built around Maxon's proprietary MC4107D BBD IC, the PAC-9 features the same RMS noise reduction circuitry found in Maxon's popular AD-9 Pro Analog Delay. With the PAC-9, clean chorus without distortion is available with increased headroom that allows use with high-output pickups and active electronics.

The PAC-9 also employs a DC/DC converter circuit and internal voltage stabilization. These circuits allow it to operate at a stable and continuous 9 VDC, regardless of battery voltage drop or fluctuation of AC power source, resulting in more consistent tone and reliable operation. The PAC-9 can also be used in an amplifier effects loop (+4 dB/-20dB) as well as in the amp's front end.

Stereo outputs complete the PAC-9's package and allow inverted phase output or use with two amplifiers. Like all Maxon 9-Series effects, the PAC-9 features True Bypass switching using a mechanical 4PDT low-noise switch.

The PAC-9 Pure Analog Chorus builds an all-new effect on an already-solid foundation - Don't wait until this one is discontinued before you decide to add it to your arsenal!

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