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Mattoverse Electronics

The Warble Swell Delay from Mattoverse Electronics is an analog sounding digital delay with a couple of fun foot controllable features.

The Warble function, controlled via a latching footswitch, allows you to very the delay time via a rate controllable vactrol.  Set a very short delay time for pseudo chorus sounds or increase the time for crazy pitch shifting type sounds.  Playing with rate and delay time results in a large variety of crazy sonic textures.

The Swell function, controlled via a momentary footswitch, allows you to momentarily max out the Feedback (repeats) for dynamic swelling effects.  Combined with the Warble function you can get some crazy spaced out tape echo like fun.

Every Mattoverse Electronics pedal is handmade by Matt in limited numbered quantities in Wisconsin, USA and features:

  • True Bypass

  • Neutrik Jacks

  • Standard Center-Pin Negative DC Power only (not included)

  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Enclosure



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2016-12-1710/10  This little box is beautifully small and simple, very well designed and executed by Matt Olson of Mattoverse Electronics in Wisconsin. The middle switch turns it on, the left switch activates a warble, the right switch is soft touch and as long as you hold it down the echoes

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