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Mattoverse Electronics

Gator Drone Fuzz by Mattoverse Electronics

The Gator Drone Distortion has been revamped and updated to provide way more volume, gain and a more fuzzed out tone.  You can turn on the gated drone/ light tremolo via momentary switch. 

  • Controls are: Volume / Gain / Rate / Pitch / Mix
  • Sounds great with guitar or bass
  • The top switch toggles between a light tremolo type effect and a more gated pulsing drone effect.
  • The lower switch toggles between a square wave and more of a triangle wave shape.
  • The right latching footswitch turns on the fuzz effect / the left momentary switch turns on the gated drone / tremolo effect (note trem/drone effect only works with fuzz engaged)
  • True Bypass / Neutrik Jacks
  • 9V DC Power Only (Standard Center-Pin-Negative Boss Type Adapter) (not included)
  • Each unit is hand made, numbered, and hand painted with one-of-a-kind artwork by Mattoverse in Wisconsin, USA.


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