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If you’re looking for a pedal that can handle anything from classic fuzz tones to a modern high gain fuzz your search is over.

The Whaler is an original Matthew Effects circuit and is great for guitar or bass. It can take you from worlds of velcro to warm dark chasm’s of fuzz’s of old. Its dynamic tone controls will allow you to create unique and original sounds that help set you apart in the mix.


  • Ouput: Is your overall volume
  • Input: Controls the amount of signal being drivin into the circuit
  • Squish: Takes your fuzz from velcro to classic and everywhere in between
  • Tone: Based off of a classic big muff tone stack that works with the body control
  • Body: Allows you to control the mids in conjunction with the tone control


  • True Bypass
  • Top Hole Jacks
  • 9v power supply no battery option


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