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Hop on board with The Conductor V2, an optical tremolo that features the same warm, natural sound of the previous version. 

Version 2 includes more than just updated graphics.The improved Conductor brings additional waveforms & subdivisions, with onboard tap, external tap and expression inputs. All of which bring you a wide variety of controls so that you will be able to engineer your ideal tremolo tone.


  • Depth: Controls the strength of the tremolo effect, from light flutter to wavering pulse
  • Wave: Select 6 unique waveforms for a variety of undulating textures
  • Ramp Time: A Unique feature that controls the time it takes for the Conductor to change its tap speed (from 0-10 seconds)
  • Gain: Control the output volume to compensate for any perceived loss of volume at higher depths
  • Tap Division: Select 6 tap divisions to keep you right on time
  • Rate: Manually change the speed of the tremolo


  • External tap (Normally Open)
  • External expression control (compatible with Moog EP-3 or similar expression pedals)
  • Top Mounted Jacks
  • Soft-touch True-Bypass Switches


  • Power requirement: 9v 100ma (does not include power supply)
  • Dimensions: 4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39" (121.1 mm x 66 mm x 35.3 mm)

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