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Matthews Effects

Combining science, aesthetics, and technique to map out a vast array of tones and styles The Cartographer gives you the tools to write your own story. With a wide range of tones available through the gain control go from a completely transparent clean boost, perfect for your electric, acoustic or bass, to a snarling overdrive that can be dynamically changed and shaped through the eq control. From Jazz to Blues to Rock to acoustic this pedal will be the most dynamic tool on your pedalboard.


  • Output – Overall Volume
  • Gain- How much the signal is clipped, from a completely transparent boost to a snarling drive.
  • Freq- This controls what frequencies you are boosting or cutting. 100 – 4khz
  • Boost/Cut- Lets you cut or boost the selected frequencies, when in the middle there is no affect to eq


  • Top Hole Jacks
  • 9v power supply no battery option



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