Mastro Valvola TimeLab Delay - Multi Dimensional Delay



A time lab to vent their creativity and experiment with various “dimensions” of delay.

A versatile delay suitable for immediate use and “user-friendly” but it also allows fans to sound research and experimentation to create a unique atmospheres by interacting with the various controls.

TimeLab is an hybrid analog/digital delay. The dry signal and the FILTER applicable to repeats is run by the analog part of the circuit, while the management of repeats is performed by digital algorithms of our own creation that reproduce 4 original delay sounds with exceptional sound quality.

  • Tap Tempo allows you to synchronize the delay time with the band, the backing track or with the time you have in mind, on the fly with the foot even when the pedal is in bypass.

  • FILTER control: analog filter to emphasize the frequency response of repeats. Can be used with all types of delay to enrich the sound atmosphere with special colors.
    The control is flat in the center position. Turning the filter counterclockwise allows to emphasize low frequencies, while turning clockwise will be emphasized the mid-high frequencies.

Delay types:

  • DIGITAL: a crystal clear and well-defined delay. To create sharp atmospheres or robotic effects.
    Time from 0ms to 1000ms.

  • ANALOG: recreate the deep, warmth and nuances of the best analog delays. For warm and soft atmospheres or open and deep distortions.
    Time from 0ms to 1000ms.

  • RESONANCE: deep, warmth and nuances like the analog delay but with the addition of a resonance filter that gives to the sound a touch of psychedelia with a flavor of vintage synths.
    Time from 0ms to 1000ms.

  • MOD: analog style delay that adds a modulation effect to the repeats. A multi-vocal chorus that gives space and deep. Helpful to obtain airy and ethereal atmospheres.
    Time from 0ms to 930ms.

Main features:

  • 4 delay types: Digital – Analog – Resonance – Modulation
  • active analog filter to emphasize the frequency response of repeats
  • time range from 0 ms to 1000 ms
  • Tap Tempo with subdivision between quarter notes, dotted eighth notes and eighth note triplets
  • Delay time control with soft pitch bending.

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