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Mastro Valvola

Area - the art of reverberation.

Area is an extremely versatile Multi Reverb with which you can obtain many reverberation environments. From short reverberations to huge spaces and celestial atmospheres, without clouding the Dry signal.

Area is built on the base of powerful digital algorithms of our own creation, reproducing 4 different reverberation effects with an exceptional sound quality.

Main features:

  • 4 types of reverb: Reverb – Modulation – Shimmer 8th – Shimmer 8th + 5th 
  • 3 memories, easily managed with the preset button 
  • Damp control, to modify the emphasis on the reverberation frequencies
  • Dedicated Pre-Delay control, to easily modify the separation between the Dry and reverberated signal
  • analogical Mix control, varying from 100% Dry to 100% Wet.
  • Completely analog Dry signal path

Reverb types selectable through the TYPE control:

  • REVERB: in this position, combining the Decay, Damp and Pre-Delay you will be able to obtain several kinds of reverberations: ROOM, PLATE, HALL.
  • MOD: a double voice chorus modulation is added to the reverberation atmospheres, enriching the space of your environment.
  • SHIM 8th: the tail of the reverberation is enriched by symphonic shimmers, tuned 2 octaves higher.
  • SHIM 8th + 5th: the tail of the reverberation is enriched by symphonic shimmers, tuned on the higher octave and fifth.

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