Masterbuilt Amplification Stone Groove - Tube Overdrive/Distortion


So COOL... it's etched in STONE!

  • The ultimate tone for distortion / overdrive pedals
  • Nothing compares to the warmth of our selected tubes
  • More highs with heavier, tighter, clearer high gain
  • Meticulous construction and superior quality
  • Highest Grade Nichicon Muse Audio Capacitors
  • Glass Coated Military Spec Wirewound Resistors
  • N-Channel NOS MOSFET Transistors from MOTOROLA
  • Carling switches and Switchcraft jacks
  • Military specification sealed carbon potentiometers
  • True bypass footswitch and point to point wiring
  • Hammond Diecast Aluminum Chassis
  • Stainless steel knob guard and 1/4" rubber feet
  • Simple design and high quality produces no unwanted noise
  • Completely designed, machined and hand wired in the USA
  • Bright blue and red LED indicators
  • Premium heavy duty gold plated Teflon socket
  • Copper tube shield and jumbo stove top knobs
  • ECC83S / 12AX7 Low Noise & Microphonics Tested
  • Our tubes are designed just like NOS Telefunkens
  • 18V Power adapter included
  • One Year Warranty

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