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“Wolfy”, aka dual rectifier in a box, is a high gain distortion pedal that is modeled after the pre-amp circuit of the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo amplifier.  And because this is a “pre-amp pedal”, it is equally happy going into the front of your amp as it is going into the effects return on your amp’s effects loop or a stand alone power amp!

This pedal takes you from a medium-high gain all the way up to insane gain.

Features include:

  • sturdy die cast aluminum enclosure
  • true bypass circuitry
  • premium quality resistors and capacitors to ensure maximum tone
  • individually selected and matched components
  • each pedal is hand tuned to its optimum configuration
  • premium quality switchcraft jacks for years of reliable use
  • operates off of a standard Boss style 9V DC adapter (center pin negative)
  • loves your favorite boost pedal
  • Level, Gain, Presence, Treble, Mids, and Bass controls.
  • tight/loose switch to give you super tight high gain tone for rhythm playing
  • extra bright LED to ensure on-stage visibility.

Custom Options:

  • knobs style and color
  • enclosure color
  • led color

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