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The Hypnotik Fuzz is a hand-wired Super heavy fuzz with controls for fuzz level and 2 position tone switch for “Classic Fuzz” and a “Scooped Mids” settings. The Hypnotik Fuzz also serves up a killer Vintage Octave blended into your fuzz tone.

Hypnotik Fuzz controls include:

  • Master Volume
  • Fuzz Amount
  • 2 Position Switch: In the Up Position for Classic Fuzz Mode. In Down Position for “Mid Scoop” EQ which cuts out some 1Khz for a more pronounced bass and treble fuzz tone and a bit more metallic. Mid Scoop gives an increased low-end for a heavier tone and a more defined top-end treble.

Massive FX pedals include:

  • Handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA USA
  • 100% Analog in design, several models utilize rare NOS vintage components such as AC125 and OC44, and hand matched silicon transistors.
  • All component and design decisions are based on tone with emphatic disregard for cost or compromise resulting in stunning tonal excess.
  • High-end components such as Lumberg “enclosed” input/output jacks and Potentiometer dust caps for years of noise-free operation.
  • Unique artwork and hand-applied finish on Powder Coated enclosures
  • Each pedal’s inside backplate is hand numbered by former “The Simpsons” cartoonist/artist Tom Winkler in debut versions of Massive FX Pedals.

Pricing for the Hypnotik Fuzz â„¢ is $199 USD

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