Masotti OD Box



Our OD Box is a new overdrive pedal with extraordinary dynamics, sustain and definition. Although it has all the classical controls, the circuitry is substantially different from other overdrive pedals, and it delivers a sound and dynamic control way beyond that of other overdrive/distortion pedals. It has the usual knobs for Drive, Tone and Control, plus a three position switch named Shape for selecting a distortion character:

  • Position #1 (down): classical overdrive, soft, creamy, a bit nasally. Perfect for blues and fusion.
  • Position #2: (center): the most extreme tone, with boosted extremes of bandwidth and a bass depth not found in other OD pedals. Perfect for modern sounds.
  • Position #3 (up): a sound between 1 and 2 with a well defined character having a sharp attack and delivering full tonal definition. This position lets you best recreate the “British” sound.

Features and Technical Specifications:

  • Has an innovative true bypass circuit, based on a gold plated relay, to preserve all the frequencies when in bypass.
  • Power supply is both internal by a 9V battery and external by a stabilized power supply. Power consumption is about 20mA.
  • Unique Shape control to deliver three distinct overdrive/distortion types

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