M.A.S.F. Thornoscillator



Thornoscillator is used as a fuzz guitar but also the oscillation, and match very well, connect a synthesizer or rhythm machine and multi-effects fuzz noise oscillation rate can also be used separately as a noise machine.

Stacked wall of noise distortion itself is important, from fine grains or dust storms of fuzz, oscillation and noise sound is a struggle most comprehensive MASF. [Volume] [character] [freq] [sens] in control of exactly what is wrong is no name, and it is usually different from the way we listen to their own. [Volume] has a volume control or more roles, [character] [sens] will issue a combination of many things that look, it [freq] can be changed significantly.

Also by linking the effects thornoscillator else just changes the character of the thornosicllator is hard. For example, set to leave the state without oscillation thornoscillator, explode or oscillate as if the entire system and turn on the oscillation of the effects connected to the former, and in some cases can become a funny sound input source Select the sound produced by the operation are endless.

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