M.A.S.F. Kidnapper - Octave Fuzz


The MASF Kidnapper is a rehashing of the famous DOD FX33. At first it would seem to be a complete clone but the Kidnapper is true-bypass, has no buffer and modified resistance compared to the DOD. In many ways the Kidnapper was designed to be an effect unit for the MASF SCM contact microphone and not an effect for guitars. When changing the circuitry for the Kidnapper the premise was to create an effect for the SCM and not for a guitar.

After lots of trial and error and experiments with circuitry all similarities between the Kidnapper and the standard fuzz-box were gone. After lots of feedback and a few hunches, the attack control, octave control and fuzz were done.

When played with a guitar you can expect the same insane type of sound that you can get from a buzzbox. Even those than own a buzzbox will be blown away by the ferocious tone that the Kidnapper can produce. With only two knobs and one switch the controls on this pedal are very simple. Right to left you have volume, octave and saw. The octave switch will change the character of the octave output. The saw will control the gain of the fuzz.

The Kidnapper is truly a violent unpredictable fuzz that is perfect for aggressive and experimental music.

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