Marshall GV-2 Guv'nor Plus


  • Gain
  • Deep
  • Bass
  • Mid
  • Treble
  • Volume



The new Guv'nor Plus is an updated version of the much loved 80's original. The Guv'nor became a classic foor pedal known for high quality distortion tones, earning itself a special place in the hearts of distortion smitten guitarists the world over. Within the sturdy metal housing lies the tone, feel, and sound of the original Guv'nor, but with extra features specially designed to add extra power and flexibility to cope with the demanding requirements of today's musicians.

The tonal versitillity of the Guv'nor Plus is such that it is like adding another Marshall amp to your exsisting setup. The expanded gain structure allows you to steer your guitar tone through many different styles. From natural sounding vintage valve breakup, ideal for singing blues crunch to chunky JCM800 classic rock tones, right through modern day super saturated for liquid sustain and grinding chords. In addition, you will also find a Deep control which adds a resonant bass boost, giving you a similar feel and response to the resonant tunmp of a Marshall 4x12 cabinet.


  • Solid metal casing
  • Passive bypass


  • Gain control
  • Deep / Bass control
  • Mid / Treble control
  • Volume control


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2 reviews, average score of 7.5 / 10

2017-10-089/10  Classy rock sounds. Often overlooked. Good sound, good value...
2013-11-016/10  ......

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