Mars Real Sound Mini Yesman - Auto Envelop Filter



Mars Effects USA

This is a great Envelope Filter/Auto Wah at a great price. Very solid unit and numerous tonal settings. Go from funky Auto Wah tones to space rock with the Frequency knob.

The YESMAN + has all the full blown features to dial in the funk to your taste. The Yesman+ can be set on either Manual or Auto modes. Both are cool and with the Auto, you can surely get this thing to drone out on my some very spacy settings.

There are 4 full settings (or Modes) HP,BP,LP and Mix. Each will trigger the sound differently. There is a double switch on/off as well as a Down/Up which will invert the effect.

Also features Drive and "Q" Knobs for string sensitive dynamics, along with Frequency, Decay and Low Cut allowing you full control of the sound to get as Funkified as you want... a little or alot. Great for quick switch soloing. Well built and looks great, the Yesman + can cetainly deliver at price you can afford.

Get one and get on down...

Features at a glance:

  • Full mode Auto Wah/Envelope Filter
  • Solid Brushed Stainless Steel enclosure.
  • Touch sensitive control and responds to the players dynamics
  • 9V Battery powered (provided for plug'n'play) or 9V Adaptor
  • Uses high quality parts for a long reliable life.
  • Metal stomp switch w/buffered bypass

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