Mars Real Sound Traitorous Tube - Slick & Quilled


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The Mars TRAITOROUS TUBE is a mean and powerful Tube Driver/ Overdrive. Captures that saturated punch that only a Tube can. Uses one classic 12AX7 Tube. Built very well and housed in a solid brushed metal casing. Featuring Volume, Tone and Gain control, this thing will start to sing when it is warmed up. Also features the cool Blue LED near the Tube casing for a great little effect on stage. Comes with it's own power supply.

The TRAITOROUS TUBE features a dual mode switch. Overdriven mode is called “SLICK” and the other is a stronger distortion option with plenty of harmonic overtones called “QUILLED.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Impedance: 1MΩ
  • Nominal Input Level: -15dBv
  • Nominal Output Level: -15dBv
  • Output Impedance (Bypass < 1KΩ): SLICK: < 60KΩ, QUILLED: < 200KΩ
  • Controls: GAIN, TONE, VOLUME
  • Bypass Switch: Buffer bypass
  • Connectors: 1/4?Input jack(Mono), 1/4?Output jack(Mono)
  • Tube Type: 12AX7×1
  • Current Consumption: 400mA @ 12VAC “Real Sound” AC Adapter
  • Dimensions(W×H×D): 134mm×52mm×162mm (W×H×D)
  • Weight (Without AC Adapter): 741 g 1.63 Ib.

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