Mars Real Sound Space Chorus


  • Rate
  • Depth (slide switch)


Mars Effects USA

The Mars Analog Space Chorus offers a very lush and musical chorus response with a two mode option. One mode will produce some nice lush crystal chorus sounds, while the other can go from a nice Leslie type of sound to full blown Chrous Drones with adjustment of the Rate Knob. No ticks or little pops in this unit... just a great Chorus sound.

Features at a glance:

  • 2 Mode Chorus Options. Great Chorus sounds.
  • Totally Solid Brushed Stainless Steel enclosure.
  • Level, Time & Repeat controls.
  • 9V Battery Power (provided for plug n' play) or 9V Adaptor
  • Uses high quality parts for a long reliable life.
  • Metal True Bypass Stomp Switch

The true bypass means that the input jack is connected directly to the output when the pedal is switched off. The sound coming in is totally unaffected by any filter or circuitry and it allows the player to truly differentiate when the effect is on or off.

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