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The RETRO is an Acoustic Simulator that does in great job in offering the sound of an acoustic guitar right at your feet. These simulators are very good for recording or to add some shimmer to your exisiting tone. Can certainly add a new dimension to certain song passages and a great way to change up the mood of a song. Also very good for solo performers.

Unlike some sims that have only one setting, there are 4 full settings here and each will trigger a different tonal response, from brighter to bassier.

The RETRO also features control for the sound level, Top (which add shimmer for fingerpicking) and Body, which gives it an all around robust tone. Great for quick switch soloing and interludes.

Acoustic Simulators are most likely not for everyone, especially if you play in a heavy mode all night as the sound might get lost at high Overdrive levels, but if you are looking for a Sim, the RETRO is for sure worth a look.

Features at a glance:

  • 4 mode Acoustic Simulator
  • Solid Brushed Stainless Steel enclosure.
  • Control for Level, TOP, and Body
  • 9V Battery powered (provided for plug n' play) or 9V Adaptor
  • Uses high quality parts for a long reliable life.
  • Metal Stomp Switch

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