Mars Real Sound Manipulator Intellectual Controller


Mars Effects USA

The MANIPULATOR by definition is a central connect control station for guitar effects, pre-amps, and instruments, where you can edit and store different grouping of effects for recall with 8 memory modes.

There are numerous connection possibilities and will expand as your rig does to offer true versatility and control of your performance.

Features at a glance:

  • has 8 groups of jacks in series. Group 7 and Group 8 can control stereo signals.
  • can control several groups of pedals and also control combined use of pedals.
  • can control the use of various instruments or various Amps.
  • allows set up for two separate Pre Amp systems in one amp.
  • offers synchronic control of various types of input devices.
  • can retain memorized set up modes after the power has been disconnected.
  • has output of clean power with two specs and will power effects, so stand alone effect power is not required! ( 3-9VDC and 1-24VDC.)
  • Controlled by heavy duty stomp switches and is True Bypass throughout.

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